CPU Upgrade

I have an old 133mhz Pentium-S that I want to upgrade. Any suggestions on CPU's that I can replace this one with would be appreciated. And, I'm not partial to Intel. Thanks
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Well, it depends completely on the motherboard and what it can handle.  Post the make/model of the motherboard here and it will help to get you accurate info.
You would most likely be better off with a new motherboard and processor.  About $150-$200 will get you a modern board and a about a 266 cpu.

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a replacement CPU for your current MB would probably only go to 166mhz or possiblely 200mhz, not much increase in speed, you could go with an Overdrive CPU but these are only a bandaid fix for a large sum of money (not worth it) The rest of your system is still slow. The best bet is (as mentioned above) is a replacement MB and CPU.
I just bought a Tyan S1598 MB and a AMD450 CPU for less then $150, But you will need new memory PC100 SDram

Is your system a generic system? or a propritory system (Compaq, IBM, PB, HP, Dell, ect)these types usally cannot just change MB, you must also change the case (another $40 to $80)
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Here's a good deal for an upgrade...
$84 for an ATX mb in a case with 36x CD, floppy, onboard video and sound, plus mouse, keyboard and 60W speakers.

Add to that an AMD processor, they have a 266 in stock for $31 or an intel 233 MMX for $53, and it will take your current simms and harddisk, and you have with your current monitor a complete system.

Upgrade chips start at about $150 for around 200Mhz. This would cost you $115 for 266Mhz upgradable to 300Mhz and probably better a few other parts at the same time.

They also have in stock a P150 for $30 which may fit your board, but the chances are 50/50 and would not in any case give much of a performance boost, in fact unless you overclocked it to 166 (66 x 2.5 =166) it might show slower performance in some areas due to the system clock speed being slower at 60Mhz (for 60 x2.5 =150) than your current 66Mhz (66 x2 =133)


Road Warrior
WOW, that is a good deal, only really lacking a hard drive and RAM.
Are you sure though that his RAM will work?  Not being a smart ass, just thinking............hmmmmm.
One thing of interest.  I just checked out that system and I am very familiar with that motherbaord as I work at PB/NEC.  The motherboard has many known issues invloving things like lockups and such.  Sorry road warrior but I wouldn't recommend it.  As a matter of fact, most of our customer with that board who are experiencing problems usually get it replaced with only a few troubleshooting steps.  It costs us less to replace the board than to spend a few hours to determine exactly why it happened and usually, replacing the board solves any problems they were experiencing.  It has conflicts with a few different power supplies and anything with the word Cyrix on it.  In worst case senarios, we've replaced everything but the case due to possible problems with other components caused by the motherboard.  Again, sorry, but in this case, you're definately getting what you pay for.
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