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Voodoo Banshee x problem

I have the linux-mandrake 6.1 up and running in text mode. when i try to run xconfigurator(voodoo banshee agp 16 meg/sampo alphascan 17e)the config seems to work properly, but when x tries to start..the screen blinks..and the system locks up hard...i have had x up running under unsupported card in very low res.  i have been to 3dfx website for the upgrades and have installed them. only prob now, there is a missing dependancy on vga16 x server. dont know how to find/setup the missing vga16 piece.  i think if i can find/setup that part...the rest may now work...other specs
kernel 2.2.13
kde 1.1.2
xfree 3.3.5
help please!
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1 Solution
GO in to the X-windows with the low resolution...  Use the XF86Setup (GUI based setup)... There you want to make sure you choose the right monitor settings.  Since you have a 17" I'd choose a monitor that can do 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz with a 50 - 90 refresh.  
bjledetAuthor Commented:
Since the last note, I have done system reinstall again.  X is working with unlisted video card...using sampo monitor...using vga16 video server..even got netscape browsing the web...still tho..when i attempt to setup the voodoo banshee as the video card..selecting the 3dfx x server...the screen blinks..as if about to switch video modes...then just locks hard...no keys work...power off only way out(that im aware of)  I have found the xf86setup gui program as mentioned.. it seems that something is wacky with support for the banshee..i saw a note on another linux place..that 3.3.5 has bugs for banshee..and there is a 3.3.6 driver...perhaps this may help with the problem.  Thanks for your time..
I've had similar problems with X 3.3.5 and my 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 PCI card. 3Dfx claims the drivers for 3000/Banshee are still beta.  You probably don't need the vga16 server. Don't use the 3dfx XF86Setup Package--it claims it needs a dependency that 3dfx doesn't provide--go figure. Try installing configuring X to use the SVGA driver.  Make sure you can start the X with the SVGA server, then install the Banshee packages (without 3D capabilities if possible). Then restart.  You should be able to get the full 2D capabilities of Banshee running under X.  Hope this helps.
bjledetAuthor Commented:
havent tried this yet...but will be satisfied if i can get it up to this at least....not worried about 3d w/banshee...just wannna get x up w/more than 16 colors and > 640x480...thanks to all..

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