about secure web

hi everybody
  I have some questions about secure my web.
Does anybody explain me ahow to secure web ?
such as  when you log in at web and do nothing
for a peroid time when you   do something again it want you
to re-login again ,  or  when you log in and add bookmark some
page of that site and log out  how to force you to relogin before
go to page that url link to by use url.

please suggest me ,I'm very confusr about it so much!!!
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Use server-side scripting (e.g. ASP or PHP3).

In that you have something called a Session-State.

Means that you can verfiy a content of a session-variable (e.g. a user name or anything). When the session expires the content will of that variable will be lost and you can redirect the user to whereever you want to..
Loging in is just as easy...set that variable when the login was successfull.

Anyway...the thing described above will require memory cookies on the client, but it is the easiest way to start.

The situation you describe will definetly require some sort of serverside logic. Wether it's done via cgi or one of the available serverside scripting languages is a different question.

If you describe your platform, I could perhaps provide you some example code.


Ps: It cannot be done in plain html, if that was the question.

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wanlopAuthor Commented:
thank you for you advice, I use linux platform , apache for
server and use PHP3 for server-side script.
please provide some sample code or some solution to do about
that you explain me.

I understand a little bit about you explain but I still don't know
how to do follow you explain.

thank you for you kind
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