use of type,procedure,function

what is the use of the type definition.
what is the use of procedure.
how is function used
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The "type" definition can be used to create aliases or structures.

For example, you could create an alias for a string[10]:

  mystring = string[10];

and then use "mystring" wherever you would use string[10].  That way, if you want to change the length of the string, you would only have to change it in the type definition, and not everywhere you defined it.

You can also define structures.  A structure is a group of primitive types (such as integers), or even other structures.  A classic example:

  employee = record
               firstname, lastname :string;
               salary :real;

This way you can group all of the info for one employee in a single type, and use that type for your variables used to store employees.

So rather than do this:

  employee1firstname :string;
  employee1lastname :string;
  employee1salary :real;
  employee2firstname :string;
  employee2lastname :string;
  employee2salary :real;

you could do this:

  employee = record
               firstname, lastname :string;
               salary :real;

  employee1, employee2 :employee;


Procedures are sub programs used within a program to do a certain task that you might need to do repetitively.

For example, you might print a list of scores to the screen several times.  Rather than code this out several times, you write the code one, pace it in a procedure, and call the procedure whenever you want to do this.

A function is the same as a procedure, with one returns a value.

You might want to write a function to find the greatest common factor between two numbers.  This would in theory be a procedure, but since you want a value returned from it (the answer), you make it into a function.

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My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
Excuse me MR. k_f_v but i think you made a mistake in: 

I think you give the points to someone else... can you correct this situation please...
Function got a return value but procedure don't have a return value. Function can only use within VAR. Function must declare a variables and this variables just for use in a fuction. It cannot share variables with Main.
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