convert datetime (hh:mm)

i have date format in mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss in my database.
for example a date field is presently looks like 01/04/99 12:00:00. but i want to convert the same datefield to 01/04/99 11:59:00. could anybody help in writing query to update the that particular date field to my required format. i am using
sybase 10.2....
01/04/99 12:00:00 To 01/04/99 11:59:00
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lets name the field to upadate has time_upadate
and the table name is upadate_table
>update update_table
>set time_update = '01/04/1999 11:59:00'
>where time_update = '01/04/199 12:00:00'

This is solve u problem

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update table

set date_field = dateadd(mi,-1,dateadd(dd,1,datefield))
where date_field = '1/4/99'

when hh and mi are not specified it assumes (12:00 AM)midnight time.
Ignore the previous comment. That is good if the field is datetime format.

is it char or datetime format?
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If the field data type is datetime,you can use the following query too :

update table_name
date_field = dateadd(mi,-1,date_field)
and datepart(mi,date_field)=0
Yes !  You can use

Update Table_Name
Set  Date_Field = DateAdd(Mi, -1, Date_Field)
Where Date_Field = 'Jan 4 99' /* If you wanna change only this date... Otherwise there is no need to check date */

Of course the dateadd(mi,-1) does not work, since the
date must stay the same...

what you can do is (considering the jan 4 is an example)

update table_name
set       date_field =     convert(datetime,convert(char(10),date_filed,112) + '11:59:00')

If you really only need to update the jan 4th you can also use
the answer of ajith29. (Or add a where clause to my update statement saying 'where datefield = '19990104' )

For the same date changes you can use the following query. My previous update statement was wrong because it would minus one day from the date. But you can use this Update syntax.

Update Table_Name
Set Date_Field = DateAdd(day, 1, DateAdd(MI, -1, Date_Field))
Where Date_Field = 'Jan 4 99'

/* Any Date You Wanna Change */

This will work!

how to decrease the other fields(month,year,hour,min,sec) in the datetime?
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