Wierd error while trying to instantiate an MTS object


I am getting an error

"13704, Operation is not allowed when the object is closed"

when I am trying to create an instance of a component configured to run
under MTS. Everything runs fine if I try it from VB.

I am having Win2000 Professional, IIS 5.0, SQL Server 7.0 and Component
Services all on one machine.

Here is the code for the COM component

  MultiUse = -1  'True
  Persistable = 0  'NotPersistable
  DataBindingBehavior = 0  'vbNone
  DataSourceBehavior  = 0  'vbNone
  MTSTransactionMode  = 4  'RequiresNewTransaction
Attribute VB_Name = "clsTitles"
Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = False
Attribute VB_Creatable = True
Attribute VB_PredeclaredId = False
Attribute VB_Exposed = True
Option Explicit

Implements ObjectControl

Private objContext  As ObjectContext

Private Const MSG_FAILED = "FAILED"

Private Sub ObjectControl_Activate()
    Set objContext = GetObjectContext()
End Sub
Private Sub ObjectControl_Deactivate()
    Set objContext = Nothing
End Sub

Private Function ObjectControl_CanBePooled() As Boolean
    ObjectControl_CanBePooled = True
End Function

Public Function AddTitle(ByVal strConnection As String, ByVal rsTitles As
ADODB.Recordset) As String
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

    Dim cnPubs      As ADODB.Connection
    Dim adError     As ADODB.Error
    Dim strErrorMsg As String

    AddTitle = MSG_FAILED

    Set cnPubs = New ADODB.Connection
    cnPubs.Open strConnection

    Set rsTitles.ActiveConnection = cnPubs

    AddTitle = MSG_SUCCESS



    Set adError = Nothing
    Set rsTitles = Nothing
    Set cnPubs = Nothing

    Exit Function

    If cnPubs.Errors.Count > 0 Then
        For Each adError In cnPubs.Errors
            strErrorMsg = strErrorMsg & " = " & adError.NativeError & " - "
& adError.Description
        Next adError
    End If
    AddTitle = MSG_FAILED & strErrorMsg

    GoTo ExitFunction
End Function


And this is how I am calling from an ASP page

Set oTitles = Server.CreateObject("CTitles.clsTitles")
 Response.Write(Err.Number & " = " & Err.Description)
 strMsg = oTitles.AddTitle(strConn, rsTitles)

Please help


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Looks like the connection is not opened.
In that case you jump in your error handler ErrorHandler and that continues with Exit_Function.
Then you try to close the RS and Connection and that might cause your error, because they are closed.

You could try to check the RS- and Connections State Property before closing them

if (rsTitles.State = adOpen) Then rsTitles.Close
if (cnPubs.State = adOpen) Then cnPubs.Close

Otherwise you could move the errorhandler ErrorHandler down to when you know that both (RS and COnn) are open and add another Errorhandler that handles the OpenFailed-Errors beforehand.

Hope that helps,

agarwal_rahulAuthor Commented:
As I said it is working fine when I try to use it from VB.

Secondly, I can connect to the database and open the connection, the problem is when I am trying to instantiate the object.

Thanks for help

Your problem is with the As keyword.  VBScript only supports the variant data type, the As keyword is not supported, and you don't have to worry about the data type returned by your custom function.  All functions defined by the Function statement return data of type variant.

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agarwal_rahulAuthor Commented:

That code is from the VB Component implemented as a DLL not VBScript.

After going to the VBUG conferece yesterday I can`t remember why but if you use a VB dll and MTS then you have to set Persistable to true.

Hope this helps
Here is my penny:

Put the SetComplete after the

It works in VB because there is no real transaction context when you run it.

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