Duplicating notes data to other database

How will u duplicate data from notesdatabase to an oracle database?
Will there be any change in the structure after duplication?
Need of detailed answer.

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ArunkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use DECS !!!

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Hi ExpertKD !

The DECS mirrors the data from Oracle to Notes and vice-versa.  When you install DECS,  you can actually configure a document that will map the related data.

At the start of this configuration you will be asked what data source you are using.  If you say Oracle you will be connected to Oracle.  Its that easy.
And you will be prompted with a list of tables in Oracle actually picked from the Oracle.  You will be prompted with a list of Notes Forms.

Map - Notes Form to Oracle Table
Map - Notes Field to Oracle Field

When you run the activity the data in oracle is transpatent in notes in the view.  You can open the document and make modifications to it which actually modifies the record in the Oracle.  

You can also add document as records into Oracle from Notes.

Obviously you can also delete records from notes.

Internally - notes keeps only the key field of Oracle in the notes Db.  Whenever the DECS task is running it picks up all the data passing this key and shows in notes.  When the activity stops then all other fields except the key fields are removed from notes to conserve the diskspace.

Good Luck !


let me know if you don't want to use DECS you can do it with Lotus Scipt and SQL
Hi expertKD.

I think you solved this by yourself.

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