Automatic mail archiving

We are using Lotus Domin0 4.6.2. We have seen that there is an option in ?Lotus Notes to archive documents automatically, but when implemented it does not archive automatically. Am I missing somthing or is there any agent whch would do this..

thanx and Regds

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First you have to set up the archive profile for the user... make sure this is done right.  The default setting is to "archive expired documents" but this is NOT the setting you want... "expired" documents actually have a field marking them as expired, which does not include most email.  Instead check the "documents with no activity" option and set the time limit.

I would recommend for troubleshooting that you create an archive log each time with doclinks so you can find where the documents went to.  If you are getting archive logs but can't find the email, remember that although the mail file structure will be copied from the current one (folders and everything) all the archived emails will go straight into All Documents and not into the folders they came from.  

Thus, from the user's point of view if they have lots of folders, the best option is to do it manually, folder by folder.  Select everything in one folder, go to Actions/Mail Tools/Archive Selected Documents, then open the archive and drag them to the appropriate folder.  THEN select all those documents you just moved and press INS to mark them as "read".  Then go back to the live mail file and archive the next folder... these will show up in the archive as "unread" so you can easily see which are the new ones to be copied to the next folder.

Also beware, potential user confusion - when you are in the Archive view of your mail file, pressing the "Archive Now" button only runs the default archive profile.  You CANNOT select a bunch of documents then switch to the Archive view and press this button - it won't work, because when you switch views you lose all your selection marks.


Have you checked the server configuration of the server in which your mailfile resides ?  You should have access to run Agents on the server.
Because scheduled agents on the mailfile should be run on the server.

Check this out !


Shoeb_786Author Commented:
Thanks for your comments

I would definitely try your solution

As far as I know I have the permission to run Personal agents on server.

I will be back
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Shoeb_786Author Commented:
Hello Pentapod and All,

I have tested the solutions given by you. This is what error I get in the logs
Amgr:Agent('Periodic Archive' in doc\s_archive.nsf') message box:
Unable to open archive database.

When I tested this agent by activating "test" on agents. it shows the no . of documents to be archived. But when I "Run" it it gives the above error.

Since my local database resides on my PC and the agent is running on the server is it necessary to map a drive to my PC on the server, is this the reason why it is giving "Unable to open the archive database error"

Note : When I run the agent manually on my PC is works fine


Did you check your archive location?
Is it Local ?

- Arun
Shoeb_786Author Commented:
Yes Arun, It is local
Hi Shoeb,

Create a new archive.
Normally the archive is created in mail\ folder.  You have mentioned it as doc\ folder.  The doc folder mostly contains the help nsfs.

Check this out and give it a manual archive run.  Later on you can schedule the agent.


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