Cant route SMTP mail between 2 servers in the same domain

Hi Folks:

I really need HELP.

Lets make the task simple.

I have R5 installed in my organization with the following configuration:

Main server on OS/400 - call it A
Additional server on NT4.0 - call it B

A & B are in the same domain. - call it C

I have 12 users registered on A.
And 1 user registered on B.

The server B is connected to the Internet through a ISP.  The ISP uses a proxy for web surfing.
I want my Internet (SMTP) mail to be routed from Server A to server B and finally to the Internet.
I have not registered my company with any ISP, so I do not attempt to download mail, but I believe that one user should be able to send SMTP mail to the Internet

Right now, server A do not route Internet (SMTP) mail to B.

I have run the Mail Trace command from server A to the user in server B, and it was routed successfully.
Any user on A can send mail to the user on B and it gets routed properly ans vice versa.

I have listed in the person doc of user on B that its mail server is B.

I have created a SMTP connection document form A to B:
Connection Type = SMTP
Source server = A
Dest. server = B
Dest. Domain = C
Routing Task = Mail Routing
Route at Once = if 1 msg pending
Routing cost = 1
Router Type = Push Only
The connection schedule is enabled between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm, with an interval of 5 minutes from Mon through Friday.

I have created 2 Foreign SMTP domain docs in the same PAB.  One for A and the other one for B as follows:

For A:
      Allow mail only from domains = *.*
      Internet domain = *.com  (I think this is where I define the domain for outgoing mails, e.g.,,

Should be routed to Internet host = B

For B:
      Allow mail only from domains = (field left blank)
      Internet domain = *.com  (I think this is where I define the domain for outgoing mails, e.g.,,

Should be routed to Internet host = (IP address of the mail server of the ISP).

The minimum I want to achieve for now is that Internet (SMTP) mail getting routed from A to B.  This is very important since both the servers are in the same domain, there should not be any problem regarding this.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Ideal !

I prepared this document long time back.  Hope this will give you a very good idea on configuring your domino server for smtpmail routing.

There are three steps to be configured for SMTPTA for version 4.6.3.

1.  Connection document.
Type : SMTP
Source Server : Lotus Server Name at your office (full name)
Connected via : Direct connection ( Even though you dialup the vsnl (ISP))
Destination Server : anyhost ( Temporary Server Name )
Destination Domain : SMTPDOMAIN1 ( Again a temporary name that will be linked
later)Relay host : (Your ISP IP address )

2a  Domain DocumentDomain Type : Foreign SMTP DomainInternet Domain :  *.*
Should be routed through domain : SMTPDOMAIN1 ( Linked from connection document in step1)

2b  Domain DocumentDomain Type : Global Domain
Global Domain Name : GlobDom1 (Temporary Variable that will be linked later )
Global Domain Role : SMTP MTA
Internet Domain Suffix : (The part next to the @ in your user name in ISP)

Local part formed from : Short name ( This is the short name field from the
person document make sure you fill this)

3.  Server Document ( Changes to be made)
Routing Tasks : Mail routing, SMTP Mail RoutingIn section SMTP MTA
Global Domain Name :  GlobDom1 ( Linked from Domain Document Step 2a)
Fully qualified internet name : (right part of @ from your ISP name )

NOTE :::  All the unmentioned fields are left to be blank / hold the default
values.  Dont change the default values unless and otherwise mentioned.


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Sorry, forgot to mention this,

DO EVERYTHING on your server that is connected to ISP. In your case Server B.
NT Server.

Since they are in the same domain the address books will be replicated and alla the servers in the domain can route mails to the Interent.

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