Where Could I find G711 & G722 standards and source codes?

Where Could I Find G.711 And G.722 Standards or their source codes?

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One of several links is

Actually, it will be more efficient if you try to find it yourself. At least, you will be able to choose between several implementations.
It is easy enough - just enter "G711 G722 source code" in any of WWW search engines.

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But about G711 and G722 ?

T++, Radler.
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Sorry, Radler, are you AnnoD04? I mean, is this comment from the questioner or somebody else?
Of course you answer is optional, but maube it would start a curious process that would be a source of more points to you.

T++, Radler.
Ok, my answer is 'look at the net'.
I have no time to do it myself. If AnnoD04 is not satisfied with my answer, he can reject it.
I gave the reference to G711,723 and 721 codec which I already had (I mean reference). I have no links to 722 codec. As far as I know, it consumes much CPU time.
If you are looking for codecs for internet telephony, then 721 and 723 is enough - there are sources for 32kbit codec (721) and 24 and 40 kbit(723).
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