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Using Lotus Notes/Domino, how does one go about creating a homepage with multiple frames, starting from a Navigator.  I know how to create framesets in HTML (default.htm etc), but I am not sure how to go about it in Notes.
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What version of Domino R5?  I would strongly suggest using the NetObjects or FrontPage98 and the Lotus connection wizards to do so.  Then make your pages and have Domino turn thme into nsf files.  If not, in R5 you can simply make HTML pages and frames via the Domino Designer.

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Chris_mAuthor Commented:
I am using Lotus Notes/Domino ver 4.6.  What I want to know is how to create a home page with frames using HTML and starting  from a navigator.  I have tried writing HTML code into the navigator but it does not get treated as HTML and there is no option to "Treat Document Contents as HTML".  Perhaps I should not be starting from a Navigator, but as I understand it, I can ONLY start from either a Navigator or the About page.
Ok, if you're on 4.6 there is a frames wizard template on the Notes web site that I was forced to get to make frames.  Since then it was less effort and time to simply migrate it to a R5 server, but that may not be your option.

I don't have the URL any longer but from I searched for "Domino 4.6 frames" and found it but it took some looking.  If we had the system on 4.6 I could give you the name of the template, but alas.. I do not.

When adding raw html to a notes db, you need to enclose it in []  for example..
[<html code>] This tells notes to interpret the text as html.

Hope this helps some.
Chris_mAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.  I know about the [] but when I put them round basic HTML code in the Navigator, when the navigator displayed both thru Notes and IE, the HTML text complete with[] was displayed to the screen.  I suppose my question basically is can a navigator be used to pass thru HTML text and if not, must one use default.htm from within Notes to launch the frames.  I'm sorry to be a nuisance, but Notes can be so confusing and the books that I have are not really clear on the subject.  'Look to hearing from you.
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