Usable Video Config for ATI Rage Fury 32 meg

I know drivers are under development and slated for release in spring of next year.  In the mean time is there any advice on a Configuration that will work.  My only choice at this time at the end of Installation seems to be Quit and Exit. I can boot to a Command Prompt but no GUI.  I am new to Linux so am not sure how this support system here works.  I already feel gipped as it stated I'd start out at 200 point and for some reason only have 75 total points.  It seems the Tech support server is down Temporarily.  I don't really want to uninstall my 32 meg AGP card from this system and install my old 4 meg AGP card to use linux on a dual boot system.
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jacekfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To install ATI Rage 128 Fury card, you should do:
Install XFree86 ver. 3.3.5 (Maybe you have it already)
NExt you should got to suse ftp server (, directory /pub/SuSE-Linux/suse_update)
You should download ati rage 128 drivers from subdirectory X/XFCom/xrage,
and xfsetup from subdirectory XFree86-3.3.5-SuSE/suse60.
You should istall all of them, next run XF86Setup.
It should help you.
I used to have the same problem.
MuddleAuthor Commented:
XFree86 Ver3.3.5
Not sure package is
The Complete Linux Operating System 6.5
From Macmillan Software.
Linux-Mandrake 6.1 (Red Hat Lunux with enhancements)
Special versions of PartitionMagic and BootMagic
Electronic references From Que and Sams

Says Xfree 3.3.x.
How would I know if the version is the .5 version.  And if not where can I get it from.
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