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For some reason


When i do that the dbeedit boxchanges to the text i specified, but its not permenent, as soon as i move to the box where i just put the text, it reverts back to what was in the box before. however if i create a new record and instead of editing the box i move onto another record and then move back again the data in the dbeeditbox works fine.  So i try to post the data but its says something about, not in edit or insert mode, but the datbase works fine other than that. all i need it for is to reduce input of the user for example, select between 5 different people instead of having to constantly type in thier names.


Craig C.
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hi craig_capel,

try as follows

  editengineersname.Datasource.Dataset.Edit;  //go in editmode
  editengineersname.Field.AsString :=combobox1.text; //assign to DataField
  editengineersname.Datasource.Dataset.Post;  //save changes

hope this helps


craig_capelAuthor Commented:
kretzschmar - Worked GREAT!!!!!!! post another message and i will give you 50 points......
hi craig_capel,

glad to helped you,
good luck again

meikl ;-)

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craig_capelAuthor Commented:
Its me who should thank you!!!  :)

Craig C. Thanks, just saved me from my boss anyhow!
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