Cannot get modem to connect to internet

I have a Creative modem blaster 56k isa modem and I can get the modem setup to find the modem but when I try to connect it never leaves the screen saying initializing modem.  
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What distribution are you using of linux. If you are using redhat there is a tool called modem tool you can use to setup your modem so you can use /dev/modem instead of /dev/cua0 etc...
From there setup your modem to which port you are using. Then you need to setup pppd with an interface. You can do this with either the control panel or the linuxconf or netconf any of these. Make sure you have the right init string in there so you modem with initialize. By default I think its ATZ and this should work. You can test it out in minicom which is the same as hyper terminal in windows. Just type some init strings in and see the responses. Type
ATZ or AT&F (this will set it back to factory defaults. Then type ATDT<phone number>. If you get a dial tone and it starts dialing you are in business. After this if you set up your ppp interface you can use the /sbin/ifup ppp0 or whatever interface you used to start up the connect and to close it use /sbin/ifdown ppp0 etc... If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Good luck.

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