Creating a password-protected program

Thankyou for taking your time to read this question. What I really want to know is how to create a program that onActivate it will prompt you for a passord!

I have tried and tried to get it to work but the script in Delphi 3 keeps on displaying error messages!

Please could you show me in detail how to create a program like that! In detail and correct script please!

This is worth 100 points!

In Delphi format please........
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You can use the new component from rxlib ( version 2.75). TPasswordDialog.
or create a Login form that you call her alone !!! in the dpr :
frmLogin := TfrmLogin;
if frmLogin.ShowModal = mrOk and
   then security := frmLogin.Security;

if security =0 then

Application.FormCreate( frmMain);


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hi kinsale,

maybe this helps

modify your Project sourcecode as follows

program pw_app;

  pw_main_u in 'pw_main_u.pas' {Form1},
  pwf_u in 'pwf_u.pas' {PWF};  //PasswordForm not autocreated

{$R *.RES}


  PWF := TPWF.Create(Application);
  If PWF.Edit1.Text = PW then
    PWF.Release;  //Release
    Application.CreateForm(TForm1, Form1);
  else PWF.Release;  //Release

yeah i know what you mean, delphi runs to forms at the same time resulting in a memory error address, yeah i got plenty of them problems. The only other problem a little password box like that is situated on another form, so then because of this your actuall program can still be accessed regardless of if you form is up with showmodal.

take a look at my protect program and if you see something you like in it, you can have the source to it.

The fisrt program you see is protect, another program is mouse.exe this will be your worst nightmare, this unlocks forms using the handle of that window and an api called... enablewindow();  if you find a secure way of a password box please let me know (anyone)

Craig C.
men xinCEOCommented:
I agree with kretzschmar.
You can create your own PassWordInput form to accept user's input.
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