FP 98 --> 2000 & Interdev

I've got an NT4 SP5 & IIS4 machine with FP98 extensions installed on which I run ASPs & Java. What's involved in going from that to the FP2000 extensions and Visual Interdev 6, besides installing the FP2000 extensions?

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SiteSeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How Bout it!!! gee thanks MS dev team!!@#$%...this was a nightmare for me as well...35 Virtual webs to recreate...a BUG as far as I am concerned..
You're better off to let FP2000 do the server extensions install for you, then manually Upgrade each Virtual web by selecting TASKS in the right-click menu on each of your Virtual webs in MMC....and reboot about 3 times afterwards the FP2000 install...(don't ask me why, but not all the dll's get registered with one reboot sometimes)
Interdev does have it's own set of extensions, but they are identical...
Don't know about 2000, but InterDev has its own set of FPx which need to be installed on the server in order for it to function properly.  I would HOPE that installing the FP2000 extensions would not 'break' the VID ones, but, I guess, nothing is guaranteed until you try it and it works.

I would install the VID extensions first, and then the 2000.  At worst, you will have to reinstall the extensions (maybe uninstall 2000).

Boy are you going to have fun installing the FP 2000 extensions!!!  Do you have any web sites sitting under the root like (c:\intepub\wwwroot\yoursite\) ?  We had our whole server set up this way, all of our webs/virtual sites were under the root.  However, FP2000 does NOT allow you to do this.  I think it is a bug, but a friend of mine on the FP team at MS says it is a feature.

We got the rare pleasure of moving about 20 domains out from underneath the root, and rewriting some code!
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