The Database has not been inicialiced (it does not include any view). Use File - Replication- Replicate to inicialice

This is the error message some of my Lotus Notes users see when I send them a new Database link. I replicate the Database as the message says without success.

How can I solve it.......
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pentapodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They will get this message if they don't have access to any of the views in the database.  Check they are in the ACL at the right access level, and check the individual access rights to the views, to make sure there is actually a view they can see.

 You can also check by creating a new view that absolutely everyone of any access level can see - if they stop getting the message when this view is present, it's their access level causing the problem.  You could borrow one of their IDs and use it to check the database access levels are OK.
Hi ntorrijos,

This is because, u have created replica copy of a database, but this not yet initialized. This database will initialize when the next  replication occurs. (my be by this time, problem solved). You can manually initialize. Select the database, and then follow these steps,  File - Replication-Replicate. Select the destination server name and other options in the dialog box.

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