Scrolling in TImage


Does anyone know how to scroll within a TImage window. I wish to have a bitmap that is greater than the area I wish to display ( I do not wish to use stretch as this shrinks the picture).

I wish to scroll either by moving the cursor inside the image or with scroll bars.

In addition is there anyway to zoom the bitmap within the window.

If TImage does not do the job, is there any other components available that will do the job.


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hmm chrisberry,

what about to drop a scrollbox on your form,
then drop a timage on it (topleft 0,0-Autosize true)
load your picture into it
(just not tested yet)


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Brilliant Meikl!
Hi Chris,

As for zooming, do what Meikl said but drop a paintbox instead. Set the paintbox width to zoomfactor * width and the height to zoomfactor * height.

In the OnPaint event of the paintbox, use stretchdraw to scale the bitmap.

(The bitmap could be a private form variable that you create in the FormCreate event, and free in the FormDestroy event. Alternatively, add a TImage and load a bitmap into it. Make the TImage invisible, and paint to the paint box using PaintBox1.Canvas.StretchDraw(Image1.Picture.Bitmap, ...

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Quick and very good answers !
Hi, meikl
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hi indi,
yup you're right, i got your second mail,
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sorry for no response :-(

i can solve some parts of your request in a short term,
i will send it tomorrow (hoffentlich klappt das)
but you are free to ask here.

about barry, i'm sure he will catch me soon.

meikl ;-)
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yeah, the great kiwi's got time enough as a prisoner
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Well, meikl
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I can wait some more days, no problem
Relax ruhig mal, soll Wunder wirken !
Aber ein, zwei Antworten waeren schon klasse ! bis dann Indi
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ChrisBerryAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the answers.

Works fine - never used scroll box before so I never thought of this.


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