Boston Globe Title Font

What is the Boston Globe's Title font and is it available? See it at
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The Globe probably had the font custom designed for them. However there are several fonts quite similar to their font that you can find at the Font Factor:

These aren't identical to the Globe font, but unless you have copies of both right in front of you, you could easily mistake one for the other. I think Cloister Black from Bitstream is a nice substitute. Hope this helps.

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The Globe's faces are indeed custom designed, having been done so by none other than Mathew Carter of Carter & Cone Type. The simplest answer to your question is unfortunately in need of more specificity from you to be absolutely accurate in the response - as a result I will answer the two most logical actual questions - which is not an exersize in brevity.

The masthead is a term utilized for the title of a newpaper and or a newpaper section. Ergo, the correct answer to "What is the font used in the masthead of The Boston Globe?" is: A custom version of Cloister Black by Mathew Carter. Now - as he was the founder of Bitstream, and as he had extraordinary involvement with Cloister Black BT, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is about as close as you can come to acquiring a copy legally. This version is available courtesy of the University of Texas at

Of interest to type nuts like me is that by most accounts, it was initially designed by the esteemed William Morris of the Kelmscott Press. Other accounts give credit to Joseph W. Phinney of Dickinson Typefoundry (American Type Founders), who was a hated rival of Morris'. The year of the initial design is thought to be 1907-1908.

However - if your question is "What is the font used in the headlines for The Boston Globe?" - the answer is an unnamed custom display face by Mathew Carter, but obviously not Cloister Black.

Mathew Carter is a very active and highly respected type designer whose recent work over the past decade (since leaving Bitstream) is rarely found other than with his OEM clients. The following is only a partial listing of the client type designs that he has done that have been digitized* (*Carter is one of the few typographers living or dead who has created and crafted type in hot metal, photo-optical, AND digital form). It is known that Font Bureau  does the majority if not all of the font finishing work for him, (i.e. hinting, encoding, mapping, etc.), and these may or may not carry a FB copyright. Listed by publication, the actual font name and number of weights is not always known.

Boston Globe (text & display)
Caledonia (set of 3-OEM for Time mag)
Foreign Affairs (Text Face)
National Geographic (Caption Font)
Philadelphia Enquirer (text &/or display)
Sports Illustrated (Text Face)
The Guardian (Text Face - not Ironbridge)
US News & World Report (Text Face)
Vincent (set of 3 - OEM for Newsweek mag)
Washington Post (text &/or display)
Wiredbaum (set of ?? - OEM for Wired mag)

he can be reached at:

Matthew Carter
Carter & Cone Type Inc.
2155 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
909 244-5965
800 952-2129

while I do not know of his e-mail address (if any), his partner Cherie Cone can be reached at
Well done, zeetree. That's a much better answer than what I provided, even though the essence (Cloister black) is the same. I don't know if terry-bellaby will be back to look at this, but I sure appreciated read it. Thanks for a small education.
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Thanks, but I already received an answer. Rookie mistake, I failed to accept the first answer.
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Thank you. Sorry for the delay in accepting - rookie mistake.
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