automatically start function after dialig is displayed

I'm writing a proram to automatically copy a bunch of diectories.  Whan a 'copy' button is pressed a new dialog should appear with a prograss bar on it.

The diectories Io want to copy should automatically stat to be copied, and the progress control filled accordingly.

If I put all my copy code on oninitdialig, the program copies the directories, and then (after copying all the directories) displays a full progress control.

How can I get the progress control to fill while I'm copying?

Thanks for any comments,
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MothAuthor Commented:
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Make use of SHFileOperation API call. Look into the documentation for setting the different parameters in SHFILEOPSTRUCT structure to copy files and indicating the progress bar.
why don't you use the progress bar provided by devstudio ?
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Tommy HuiEngineerCommented:
The problem is that the progress control relies on messages to update. Since you're taking all the CPU time by using a loop, you will need to pump the messages.

Add this code to your loop:

while (copying)
      // Copy stuff here

      // This is the message loop
      MSG msg;

      while (::PeekMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0, PM_NOREMOVE))
            if (!AfxGetApp()->PumpMessage())

                  //!TH maybe throw exception
                  return FALSE;

      LONG idle = 0;
      while (AfxGetApp()->OnIdle(idle++))
MothAuthor Commented:
I put this on the oninit in the end, and it worked.


m_close_button.EnableWindow( FALSE );

Thanks for the comments though,

MothAuthor Commented:
I've worked out an answer for myself, how can I delete this question?
Accept this answer and change the points to 1 -- that way you will only lose a point
MothAuthor Commented:
I can't reduce the points
can I just have you points then.

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