Where to get Dell PERC driver for Redhat 6.1??

Could someone please point me to the boot image that will allow me to install Redhat 6.1 on my new Dell Poweredge with the Perc controller...
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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the dell website or support line.  I believe that dell now supports and offers linux as an option with some of their poweredge models.
FullMetalJackAuthor Commented:
All I can find on the Dell website is images for RH5.1-5.2
Call Dell's tech support (comes free with PE servers).  They should be able to point you to the correct drivers for you PERC for linux.  Also, I have heard that the RH 5.1 and 5.2 support for raid from dell will work with your version.  Another thing to try, I believe that the Dell Perc is mfg. by AMI. You may want to try the AMI website and see of the offer andy linux drivers.
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