Open a secondary ActiveX form


I have build a program that is ActiveX , and i add a new ActiveX form to it, and i like to show this secondary form by pressing a button, is this possible?

and here is another.

Can i change a delphi program into ActiveX so i won't have to write it again in ActiveX?

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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
did it work?
ive never used more than one active form at a time but did you try on the activeform1 button click?
maybe it doesnt work on active forms but better to check.

the easiest way to convert is to :
If its a single form app  do it as follows:
With the form active, do a select all and
* unselect any Tmainmenu's(They dont work)
* Unselect the form itself
* Create a Template!
* Create an Active form
* Put your template on the active form

also see here for another way:
mummiAuthor Commented:
I can just give you comment, why?
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