win95 setup

i plan to reconfigure my pc to win95.
the current condition: 3 partitions, win95, windows(originally OS/2, deleted by OS/2 fdisk, and reformated to windows but not installed operation system),and linux. started by OS/2 boot manager.
my hard drive is only 2 G so i decided it's better to just keep only 1 OS on it.
the questions:
1. where should i start? use w95 fdisk to reformat the whole disk, then reinstall win95 from scratch? or just use win95 fdisk to delete the OS/2 boot manager strip then make old win95 partition as startable?i don't think w95 fdisk can make any partition startable, it can just mark it active, is active the same as startable?
2.if the latter is ok, how can i extend the win95 to whole disk? i have partition magic, but it has problem to merge the old OS/2 partition with win95.(i guess the MBR is still controled by OS/2 boot manager, and partition magic is not working well with OS/2)
3. if i have to start from scratch, do i need to worry about the MBR get corrupted?(by switch it from OS/2 format to win95 format)
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Here is how I would handle it:

Save anything that you want to keep....

1. use your Win95 bootdisk, at a prompt: fdisk, delete all partitions (to allow a nice clean os load), enable support for Large drives (FAT 32) re-create one main partition, set as active.
2. re-boot your pc, with bootdisk still in, at a: prompt, goto C: type format/s to format the drive.
3. re-boot again, choose boot w/ cd-rom support, load your Win95 setup disk, and load away as usual.

Easy, efficient and works well.....
As for the other parts of your question, if you are gonna do a full re-install and wipe the drive prior to OS load, neither of those will be a concern.
wangzqAuthor Commented:
1. how to "enable support for Large drives (FAT 32) re-create  one main partition"? pc is a 486, so there is no boot from cdrom option.
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1. how to "enable support for Large drives (FAT 32) re-create  one main partition"?

When you enter fdisk, you will presented a screen that asks if you would like to enable support for Large Disks (512MB or larger), if you choose Yes, this will enable FAT32, if you choose No, you will enable FAT16, as your drive is only 2GB, and you are loading Win 95, either is fine, FAT16 is limited to 2.1 GB partitions, so you can use all of your drive on one partition.

Should have been a period after (FAT32), what I meant was, when you are in fdisk, delete all partitions, and create one partition utilizing the entire drive (its one of the options). pc is a 486, so there is no boot from cdrom option.

Sorry, did not realize it was a 486 w/o CD-ROM, for that, after you set-up the new partition and set it as active, then re-boot, format the drive, re-start the pc, and load the Win95 setup disk and proceed from there.

hope that clears things up

I think you misunderstood his comment "my pc is a 486, so there is no boot from cdrom option."

I think he is talking about the CMOS setup, which is not a factor for installing Windoze, if he follows the instructions in your first comment then he should be OK except maybe he won't get the option for large drives.
To get a bootdisk with CD-Rom driver you can download one from here:

thanks, sometimes my mind and my eyes do not always work well with each other, hopefully with all this, he will be able to get his pc up and running, i just hope that he lets me answer today, cuz its my last day here at work, and i have no internet at home, so, if not today, then you take the points. :-)

If your partition for Win95 is already up and running W95, then all you have to do is install one software called Partition can just easily delete any partition you you just leave the w95 partition alone....delete all other partitions and reclaim the space used by them. You don't have to do anything else....the version for Partition Magic is now 4.0

If you haven't got any OS running...then the best thing to do is to start everything fresh! It'll take you a few hours to set up everything in order again...but then I promise you machine will be faster since your W95 Registry would be very clean.

Either way...just make sure you backup the data files that you may have...

Good Luck!
Welcome to this site, the common practice here is to post only comments until such time as the correct solution is found, then the questioner will ask the "expert" that gave the correct solution to repost as the answer (or as now is possible to accept the comment as the answer)
Your proposed answer repeated some of the same info that had already been posted in a comment, plus you told him to use Partition Magic to do this, when in his question he stated that Partition Magic was having problems with the partition made with OS/2.
Please post only as comments unless it is a simple question and you know the answer is correct, but never include in your answer what someone else has posted as a comment, this is frowned upon as stealing answers

you should reject this proposed answer until such time as the problem is solved, then you can ask whomever helped the most to post an answer
wangzqAuthor Commented:
thank  all of you. my pc is now running, though the partition magic can't run in old win95 partition, it said 'init error: 986' or something like that. i guess that because OS/2 boot manager interferes, the OS/2 is on the boot strip. believe it or not, though PM claim it works well with OS/2 it never is lucky for me that i still keep the OS/2 utility floppy, so the right way is to boot with the OLD OS/2 floppy then load fdisk there to recreat a clean partition.then boot with win95 floppy and use win95 fdisk again to redo it to FAT. the win95 fdsik is a can't delete the linux part.
now i need you to decide who get the credits, as you suggested i will reject the answer to let you choose.
BTW, there is a AMD K6-2/350 MHZ in my office, it doesnot run any significant faster then my 486 at home, anyone know why?
my PC: dell 486/50, 64 M RAM, running win95.
AMD; K6-2/350, 128M RAM, running win98.

ray also, hope you don't mind me answering, but I think that since I have helped our friend here out since the inception of his question, and he is sorted out now, with what I hope was my help, that maybe I should be the one to answer.

Ray, thanks for the help with the newbie, seems we always end up in the same areas with newbies, I guess that we could be the EE welcome committee.

wangzg. i am glad that i could be of assistance to you, and i am glad that you got your pc happy again.



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