Netbeui advanced options

What does the following things meen under advanced options for NETbeui

Maximum sessions and what should i set this to

NCBS and what should i set this to

Also - Is there a way to make windows update the network more often (When I press F5 under network neighborhood) when people go come on and go off for booting and system crashes :)

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netbeui should run fine with out changing aguments under the advandaced option .. if not let me know but the stardard values should work

but going on to the browse list (network neighborhood) it takes a while for the browse list  (a list of all the computers on your network)to be updated up to 12 minutes this is, esspicaly true if a computer crashes becasue it does not notify your browermaster ( the computer holding you browse list) that is is leaving soo the browse master has to find out if the computer still there but letting it time out from the list.

hope this helos
Maximum sessions should be set to 64.

NCBS should be set to a value of 44.

If this is your default protocol, make sure you check the box at the bottom.

Aside from answering your question, why would you want to use NetNeui of TCP/IP?

frenjonAuthor Commented:
What are the differet things

Which machine is the browermaster on a two machine LAN

I just use Netbui for filetransfering
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Frenjon, you can set either machine as the browse master. Just don't set both as it would defeat the purpose.

Maximum sessions is exactly what it implies, the maximum number of continual sessions running at one time.

NCB's are Network Control Blocks and are used for LAN manager connections. These really take no part in what you are doing as they are for server connections.

The refresh should occur as you interrogate the other machine for resources and is not updated systematically.

As for the crashes, if you only have a 2 machine network, no crashes should be occurring unless possibly you have your network cards setup incorrectly.

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