How to count components ?

I have an MDI-Application.
On one of the Child-Forms there are 2 frames. On each frame there are dbedit-components.
I want to write a procedure who sets the enabled and the color-property
of all the dbedit-components who are situated on one of the 2 frames.

Thanks in advance ...
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set tag on all dbedits to 1 then use this code to enable all dbedits.  I'll leave color as an exercise. <grin>

    for i := 1 to Form1.ComponentCount do
      if Form1.Components[i-1].Tag = 1 then
        (Form1.Components[i-1] as DBEdit).Enabled := true;
wimmeyvaertAuthor Commented:
I don't think this will solve my problem (because I have to set the tag-property for each dbedit at design-time).

What I'm looking for is a way to count the components who were placed on another component (a panel) at design-time.
For the moment my code look like this :
for intx:=0 to Panel1.ComponentCount-1 do

But Panel1.ComponentCount is always 0, the for-loop is never started.

Isn't there a way to count the components who are on for instance a panel, or do I have to use another component?
hi wimmeyveaert,

If you are using dbEdit control, you can try to use ControlCount
instead of ComponentCount.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var i: integer;
begin   showmessage('panel1.componentcount='+inttostr(panel1.controlcount));
  for i:=0 to Panel1.ControlCount-1 do
    if Panel1.Controls[i] is TdbEdit then
      showmessage('tdbEdit is found!');

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You can use ComponentCount on the form containing the panel, and check the parentage of each component - if it's on the panel, the panel will be it's parent.

This is Delphi 4, and I don't know if it'll be true for frames in Delphi 5.  Borland is having a chat on Frames tonight, though, you could try asking there.
hi wimmeyvaert,

use controlcount instead of
componentcount as  huizhang mentioned

wimmeyvaertAuthor Commented:
Up to the following problem !!!

CU :-)
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