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I have a network setup at home with two Pcs. One running Win2k server and the other one Win2k Professional. As far as network goes, everything looks ok. Client PC is able to login to the server domain. I want to share the Internet Connection. I have set the option for sharing DialUp connection. What else i need to do so that i can share connection? If i need to configure DNS, how do i do it...

Step by step explanation will be really appreciated..

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Submitting answer at your request.

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On the server, nothing needed.  On the workstation, set the GATEWAY under TCP/IP in networking control pannel to be the IP address of the Server NIC and you should be set.  That's my setup.
In the clients tcp/ip network settings, as cmarks55 has suggested, enter the gateway address of the server which is probably set to

You may also have to set both the DNS entries as provided to you by your ISP.
One of these  can also be found while the server is online to the ISP by opening a command line shell and typing in IPCONFIG /ALL and look for the information about your ppp adapter.

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