Windows 98 Shutdown "hanging"

I recently purchased and installed a CD Burner (Mitsumi 4804TE - IDE) but this alone does not appear to be the source of the Shut Down problem.
I have tried 2 software packages for burning the CD-R's,
Adaptec Easy CD Creator (versions 3.5c and 4) and Nero (version 4). It appears that these programs somehow cause Windows 98 to hang indefinitely on Shut Down. If I start Windows 98 and do not use the CD-R software it Shut's Down o.k.
I have tried closing all applications prior to Shut Down and I have disabled "Fast Shut Down" also.
I have a full version of Windows 98 (with all the latest updates and I have updated all my Hardware drivers to the latest versions (including ASPI32).
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I am not the only one having this problem, I know of at least 2 others.
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Before you attempt to shut down the system, do a ctnl + alt + del, and see what little programs are running in the background, there may be an proggy associated with your cd-r that autoruns, and hangs shutdown, if you search your autoexec.bat, win.ini or sys.ini file, you may be able to disable it from autorunning, and hence make shutdown easier.

Also, don't know your routine maintenance schedule, but a through scandisk and disk defrag always help, as does deleteing all temp internet and history files, and your regular C:\Windows\temp files.

Hope that helps.

Try to shut down from safe mode.  If it works from there then either you have a program running in the background which is not letting windows close or a corrupt sound file which plays at shutdown.  If it works from safe mode, let me know and I'll help you solve it.  

To get to safe mode, restart the computer and hold down the left shift key.
NoelpearAuthor Commented:
To nfroio:
Thanks for your response, I have tried ctrl-alt-del to close any running programs but it made no difference. I have also tried bypassing autoexec.bat and config.sys.
I defrag my hard disks weekly and scandisk monthly. I haven't deleted my *tmp files and Internet history for a while so I will give that a try when I get home.

To 1cell:
I will try your recommendation when I get home. I will get back to you both soon.

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When you don't use CD-R softs, it shutdown O.K ?
Try to use another CD-R softs or reinstall yours.
Try uninstalling one of your burning programs.
do you have a network card not hooked with a cable installed in the pc?
I don't know if you are using WIN98 SECOND EDITION or not but if you are,
Microsoft is having several problems with the machine not shutting down. It just hangs. They know about the problem but have not issued a complete fix for it yet. They have made available a patch on the MS web-site that cures the problem in most cases. You can download it from their site....Good Luck

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NoelpearAuthor Commented:
To: tlik
I have tried other CD-R programs but they do not all recognise my burner.

To: workshop
Sorry, I should have mentioned that I completely uninstalled each program before installing another.

To: spacebrain
I do not have a Network card installed in my PC.

To: jb12067
I am running Windows 98 original CD but I have used Windows update to maintain an up to date setup. I am not sure if the patch you are speaking of is one I have downloaded already. I will check and let you know.

What about me, don't leave me out man..............
Just tell me it didn't work and I'll be able to get on with my life.
There's lastest version of Nero.
Try it.
NoelpearAuthor Commented:
Hi Everybody,
I have Norton Antivirus installed on my machine and it appears to be the cause of the problem. When I close this program before burning a CD-R it appears to cause the "Hanging" on Shut-Down. I tried merely disabling it last night and all was fine. The test of time will confirm my suspicions.
Thanks for all your help, we've all learnt something new!
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