how to install things,read on..... *EASY*

Hey there,
I'm not the Linux Guru, I just installed it last night and quite frankly I love it..
I have NO idea what so ever how to install any applications, for example I'm wanting Gnome ICU [] and freeamp []
I have no  Idea which copies to install for my Redhat 6.0 hedwig i386 version.
I dont know what an RPM does nor do I know how to install it or a biniary file?
gimme' a hand!!!!!!!
any help is appricated!

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Since you have redhat, then everything becomes quite easy:

1) go to (click on first link you see)

2) search by "index by name" under 'F'

3) for instance, you can select on the latest freeamp:

and click on the first heading of the above page to save the rpm file

4)once you have the rpm file downloaded on your drive, you can install it (as root) via the command

rpm -ivh freeamp-1.3.1-1.i386.rpm

In step 4, if you see any errors such as saying that it (freeamp) requires so and so libraries/versions, repeat the process in step 2 and download those specific libraries from

To upgrade a specific library, you can use
 rpm --Uvh newversion.rpm

To remove a specific item, just type the name

rpm --erase freeamp

For more help do,
  rpm --help

There are simply too many options, don't worry, learn just the ones you need over time.


are useful ones.
If the file is /home/user/foo.rpm.  Here are some quick commands.  Go to the directory with "cd /home/user" first.

Install - "rpm -Uvh foo.rpm"
Re-install - "rpm -Fvh foo.rpm"

The RPM is a Redhat Package Manager file and some good documentation can be found here:

the two files you want can be found at
they are:

some other programs for ICQ and MP3's you may want to check out are:
GTKICQ (gtkicq-0.60-1.i386.rpm)

Download these files. To install rpm packages, you'll need to be root. Run gnorpm and click the Install button. Click Add and locate the packages you just downloaded and then Install them.

If you want more info on RPMs in general, just let me know.

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InvalidAuthor Commented:
right then,
I've got XMSS and GNOME ICU installed now, but who can tell me how to install HotlineX? ? 

and get it FULLY running,,
Gon into the directory that the file (*.tar.gz) resides.  Type "tar -zcvf*.gz"  go intop the created directory and "more README".  Follow the intructions.
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