Unix Partitions

What is the best way to set-up a Unix box. In regards to partitions and hard-drive space. I'm working with a 4 gig HD.
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RandybConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best solution (offered with little info to work with of course) is to assign UNIX partions to each of the primary filesystems. / , /tmp , /user (example of user filesystem) should each be on separte partitions for performance and space management purposes. This is true regardless of the type of Unix installed, SCO, Solaris, HP, Linux ...

typical layout -  each a filesystem and separate partition.

/     root filesystem  - grows slowly
/usr    system files  - grows slowly
/tmp   temp and swap area -  can grow rapidly
/user1   user file storage - growth dependant on users

with a 4 gig drive depending on the number of USER files you plan to store you may want to throw most of your space to the windows partition being Windows is much more resource intensive than unix.
wpagesAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
You don't say how the system will be used. Will there be lots of users? Is it a single purpose server? Please provide more information. Thanks.
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What system? (Solaris, linux, HP-UX, SCO, Digital Unix).
Will you be using more that one O/S?  For instance Unix and Windows xx.
wpagesAuthor Commented:
Would like to use as a Redhat, with Win-95 if poss., to support multi - users, as a web hosting server.
ooops sorry ...meant to post as a comment ! didnt mean to lock you up !
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