hot spots on image map

I've created an image map, 4000 x 300 pixels inside a frame. The image scrolls left to right inside the frame. The hot spots and links all work however the pop up alt tags stop working when the image scrolls. Does anyone know why the alt tags stop working?
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I think the alt tags all work differently in different browsers
Netscape 4 will most likely accept those alt tags as you want them to
but versions of IE - namely 3 and 4
might not accept the alt tag syntax

I believe all the 5 version browsers
accept the alt tag syntax but I'm not sure

Basically - though what I'm getting at is the alt tags are browser dependant
each browser will interpret the
tag line differently.

As far as I know, alt tags only show up when the cursor is stationary over an image...therefore if the image is scrolling the alt tags won't come up until the scrolling stops.

Hope this helps.

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EmontsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the two answers sent in. However I need to explain my question better. The imagemap I refer to is at You will see that the first alt pop up tags work. As you scroll the image, the alt pop ups do not work. The cursor changes to a hand properly, the links work, but not the alt pop ups.Does anyone know why?
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EmontsAuthor Commented:
I went to the site and I'm using IE4 at the moment at I didn't get any alt tags at all - I looked at your html and
did you try putting in a
<script language ="javascript">

tag at the top for the onmouseovers

Also I would try this just for kicks
right before each alt tag but a
</html> tag

then right before your alt tag but a
<html> tag - I'm reaching a bit with this but who knows

Also - the image might be too large

finally - what kind of text editor did you do the html in when I downloaded it I had a ton of ascii chars embedded in the code

Hiya Emont

I just had a look at your site and had a read through the code for your page.....I didn't see any alt tags in your code at all..?

EmontsAuthor Commented:
Yes you are right. I removed the alt tags in the code this morning because they would not all work. I think I will just leave it like this. Thanks for your help anyways.
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