I want to learn windows programming, where do i start.
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The easiest one is Visual Basic. You should start learning it.
Although it lacks the ability to do most of complicated programs, it can be easily understood and mastered.

Then you should start learning Delphi or you can directly learn Visual C++. If you have mastered Pascal before, you should learn Visual C++.

Until here, you should have the foundation to start the Internet programming. Learning Java and JavaScript is the next step.
From here, you can learn anything else and select your field of interest because until here you should have the basic programming ability in Windows.
first, you can choose VB, if you don't like such simple languages like VB, you can chose Delphi
if your think you like control everything of windows, you'd better learn VC++(it is more difficult than Delphi or VB)

if your wanna learn more to be an expert, please read some books about Winodws SDK


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"... simple languages like VB ..."???

You've *GOT* to be kidding!

VB may be "simple" in that you can make pretty screens by dragging and dropping. But getting it to do anything significant is anything but "simple". Hell, you can't even FLOWCHART the event driven execution model!

Where you start depends on where you are. If you have no programming experience at all then you need to start with the fundamentals. If you have some programming experience then you need to learn event driving programming and asynchronous event handling.

mark2150, maybe you misunderstand me, for my English is not good enough, i am from Chinese.
what i mean is: VB is not a "structured computer language", and it is not OOD.

i don't want to say anything bad to VB, i know it is a good language which is easy to learn and use, but i still think it is simple compares to VC++, Java, Delphi...

hope you can understand my opinion

i agree with u on "Where you start depends on where you are", that's a wise comment


What freshmeat meant by "Simple language" is not what u think !!
I think i understand what he meant.
It meant that VB is so simple 'till that to do something simple you need to work hard.
To design in VB is not so simple as clik and dragging!!!!
Only that it lacks the programming power !

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