Outlook Express - Backup of Address Book

I backup my OE Address Book by using the Export function to create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, and that appears to work OK.

I checked the c:\windows\application data\microsoft\address book\username.wab, which is dated from when I bought the machine over a year ago and has old data.  So therefore, it does not contain my OE Address Book data.

Yet, a colleague of mine uses the same version of OE (4.0) and whenever he changes the address book, that .wab file is updated with the data and an updated date-stamp.  He backs up his OE address book simply by copying his .wab file.  

What makes his .wab file reflect his OE Address Book and mine not?  I'd like to simply copy the .wab as he does, but for me that would backup nothing.

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Some things to check:
- might you have multiple WAB files on your machine. Do a find on your machine for *.WAB. See if the current one is in another location.
- might you be sharing Outlook 98 or 2000's contacts with OE? If so, the address book data is in Outlook's PST file
cowpokeAuthor Commented:
VinceA, I did a find file, and found only one WAB in my system, in the directory as indicated above.  Also, I don't use Outlook 98 or 2000, just Outlook Express.   Microsoft Outlook icon is on my desktop, and I can't get rid of it, but that's another story.
Hmmm, interesting.... Try this:
- add a record to your WAB
- do a find on the machine for files changed in the last day.

See what turns up. The addresses have got to be hiding somewhere :-)
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cowpokeAuthor Commented:
VinceA, per your comment, I double clicked the WAB, it launched an Address Book window (showing only the 5 entries as expected), made a small change, and the date of the WAB was changed to today.  Yet, Outlook Express is NOT using that WAB because my OE Address Book still has over 75 entries.   Yes, it is a mystery.  Does anyone know which file (WAB or otherwise?) my OE Address Book is using so perhaps I could just backup that one file?
The only other file I could think of it using would be a PST file in conjunction with Outlook. This is a long shot but run WAB.EXE and go to the Tools menu > Options command. See if the sharing option is selection.

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cowpokeAuthor Commented:
VinceA, your long shot was right on, and it was the solution I was looking for.  Thanks.

In the TOOLS - OPTIONS I had the top radio button checked, which put the Address Book in some mysterious place called the Microsoft Outlook Contact Store.  I have no idea where, or what filename that might be on the harddisk, so that's why I had to go through that Export - Import procedure to backup and restore.   I have now switched to the bottom radio button, and the WAB is now the place where all my address book data goes.  I did have to do the Export from the Contact Store, and then switch to the WAB, and Import the data saved from the Contact Store...but that was a one-time operation.  For now, just continue as you have been, and the next time I am over, we implement the switch to the WAB.
Backing up one file is simpler than a multi-step procedure.  
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