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256 Colors in Win95?

I'm trying to upgrade my Dad's 486DX2 Win95 machine so he can see 256 colors on his screen. The Cirrus logic video card seems fine, it tests great in DOS, but the Win95 display settings only offer the choice of 16 colors. Do I need more main memory or what? I have the latest cirrus drivers installed, they seem OK. Hmmm...
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then yes you need more memory on the card.  Unless the drivers you have aren't the right drivers.
What's the name of your display adapter ?
Try Cirrus Logic standard driver of Windows, or Super VGA
And how big is memery on VGA card. It is the first information, when you restart computer.
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jruckerAuthor Commented:
The video card says it has 1Mb installed. Is that enough for 256 colors?
1MB is plenty even for 24 bit display !
It looks like driver problem.
if it's cirrus logic 54XX there's a driver for it some where on the net (don't know if cirrus logic still hold it anyway)
but it's defenetly software problem.

try removing the display adapter and let Win95 re-locate it. then give it the newest drivers u found
Do you have the video card selected?
Go to display properties, click on settings, then click on advanced, ok now click on adapter, is your Video Card listed there? if not click on change and select it from the list.
How about your resolution?

The higher the resolution the less colours can be shown.  
The less the resolution the more colours can be shown.

Try 640 x 480 resolution and see how many colours are available.
To see a wide variety of colors, you can edit the Registry yourself...so that you don't have to have Plus! pack installed....I don't know whether you meant the graphics in general or just icons....if you want to see more than 16 colors in icons, just add the following key to your registry:

Under the main key


Add a string value named "Shell Icon BPP"

and set the value to "16" (to see 16 bits colors - 65536) or add "24" to see 24-bits colors - 16.7 million colors)

Of course you need a monitor that can display these color depths...otherwise there's no point for this since your monitor would not be able to render the colors.

One last warning....any registry editing, you do at your own risk!!! I'm not responsible for "Registry error" and "Corrupt registry detected" errors!

God Luck
jruckerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info - it will take me a few days to test. One more question - I want to see 256 colors for everything, not just the icons - do I need to install Plus? I can do that -
I think if you want to see 256 colors for everything...you should install Plus! pack..it's the best option....
I once had a similar problem.
I solved it by reinstalling my screencard.
This may not be your problem, but I thought I could mention it in anyway.

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