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I have just been given a new project, and I need help getting started.  I am experienced in C++ and Delphi programming, some knowledge of many other languages.  Know basic HTML (static web pages only)

The project is to implement a special calculator so it is accessible to all users of a web page.

The calculator gets 2 numbers from the user, uses them as an index into a 2 dimensional table or array, does some interpolating, then presents the results to the user on a web page.  The tables are static, but will be updated ocaisionally (maybe every six months?)  I don't need any help with the algorithm, what I need is help with choosing tools, languages, and with just how one goes about programming for the web.

Specifically, what language or technology do you recommend, and why?

Can you point me to an example similar to this I can look at?

Can you recommend any tutorial or reference material that would help?

Should I post this question in another area?  Which?
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JagarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 I would use Visual Interdev and Microsoft FrontPage 98/2000.  You use Interdev for the programming portion and FrontPage for the presentation portion.  Also this would have to be put on an IIS server because you would use ASP (Active Server Pages) to handle all programming on the server.  With ASP you can use either VBScript or JavaScript.
  As far as samples and tutorials.  Goto to msdn.microsoft.com/vinterdev and look around there you should find all kinds of stuff.
TechStoneAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
TechStoneAuthor Commented:
Will that work with non Microsoft browsers?

What he said is good...
and no the client's browser is irrelevant...
I just did a similar little project for a company...

....it uses a simple javascript calculator that writes it's value to a form which POST's to response.write objects which "confirm" the person's input...they then confirm(along with other data that's input into a database)...by POSTing to my database using a simple SQL statement...
and the response.redirect page is a SQL query of the input values into that database...

This is the MOST efficient way to do it, and using FrontPage2000/Access2000 is the fastest way to throw-down on it and get it done-
the best place to get excellent asp tutorials is  www.learnasp.com
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