About CreateNewChild function !

Can someone give me explanation about the undocumented
function 'CreateNewChild'.
It seems that it is a member function of CMDIFrameWnd.

I doens't find this function in my MSDN.
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akalmaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks a lot mike ...
Hope this helps u ?

CMDIChildWnd* CreateNewChild(CRuntimeClass* pClass, UINT nResource,HMENU hMenu = NULL, HACCEL hAccel = NULL);

The prototype of the function CreateNewChild().

The class should be derived from CMDIChildWnd ,the resources
should contain the ID ,The HMenu contains the handle to the menu and HACCEl the handle to the accel table .The last 2 parameters can be NULL.

Basically it creates a child window that's all i can help
mike_marquetAuthor Commented:
Did u accept that answer or u want something more ..
If possible i can try for u ?
mike_marquetAuthor Commented:
No. I accept this answer
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