without BDE on Clients ??

I saw some solutions for this question before, but i did not need it at the moment, so i lost the trail of it :-)
What i need is:
1. Install BDE on server
2. USE idapi32.cfg from SERVER on ALL clients
3. Is it possible NOT to install BDE on Clients ??? and server installed BDE????

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I have heard about it too.
I am remembering this:

Install the BDE on a network drive (that's your server)
Register the (or some) BDE dll's with regsrvr32.exe.
Mind you: the dll's are on the server
that woulkd look something like this

regsrvr32.exe <networkdrive>:\<path to BDE-dll's>\<a BDE DLL>

you can have the BDE start up with a specific *.cfg. In your case that would be the one from the server. BUT I am not sure if that is a good idea. Let me try to explain:

   Any other application using the BDE wil be rendered useless.
  If it is aliases that U want to share you might consider using a TDatabase component to make your aliases internal to your program.

You would still want to be able to alter aliases centrally, so you would have a kind of *.cfg (I suggest you use an ini-file) that you keep on the server in a fixed path. You use that file to get the dynamic information of your aliases (such as which aliases, what driver, what path)


Ramon "WiseGuy" Huijbens

hi robert,

get this

----paste from borland

BDE network installation example with source (Size 289,818 bytes)
This example allows a user to setup the BDE and SQL Links on a client machine without having to install
the BDE and SQL Links to the client. Registry entries are placed into the client machines so that the client
can access a network version of the BDE. Two programs are included: one which helps configure the .INI file
that is necessary to create the registry entries, and another program that shows how the methods work to
create the registry entries.
NOTE: Using this non supported example, or any method within it, does not violate your Borland No
Nonsense License Agreement

---paste end

Listening, since this is of interest to me too.
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rpetruniAuthor Commented:
Ok, Kretzschmar....
Your comment should become an answer.
Answer on my question, so i could give you your points.

I tested it only with one client,  (tomorow i will try with 5)...
well robert,

glad that this helpes you.
good luck on installing the other clients,
if there any problem then let me know

meikl ;-)

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rpetruniAuthor Commented:
here is 50 pts bonus...
rpetruniAuthor Commented:
here is 50 pts bonus...
rpetruniAuthor Commented:
It works fine, i have 3 places with more than 10 WS, and i see no problems yet...
nice to hear ;-)
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