CMiniFrameWnd LButtonDown Message Handling...

I have a CDialogBar derived class which floats and docks to the Mainframe Window. I can handle LButtonDown message when the DialogBar is Docked but when it becomes floating it has a small title bar attached to it and that is the MiniFrmeWnd and MFC handles the LButtonDblclk to float and dock the DialogBar, so I would like to know how I can handle the LButoonClick message with in my DialogBar class ( when the Dialog Bar is floating ).

Please suggest me a solution.

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PIGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BOOL CYourDlgBar::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg)
 if (!IsWindow(m_hWnd))return FALSE;
 if ((pMsg->message == WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK) && (IsFloating()){
   // make some
   return TRUE;
 BOOL ret = CDialog::PreTranslateMessage(pMsg);
      return ret;
overwrite PreTranslateMessage and when the Dialog Bar is floating do not pass for exution to Base  Class.
nv3prasadAuthor Commented:
Since MFC takes care of the CMiniFrameWnd, I do not have its implementation, so can you give me an idea in terms of code so that I can better understand your solution where I have to block these messages.

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