Terminal services and win2000

I want to set up a network with two thin clients and one windows 2000 server.  What OS/software should I run on the clients?  What is the minimum spec. for the client and server hardware?  Is there any good web sites / mailing lists dealing with this issue.
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Thin net?  If you mean the small terminal boxes, I would think you would have to run windows ce, or in some cases some sort of java application, which pulls the boot code from the server (boot server in previous winframs situations).  Whatever the case, you would use whatever the manufacture of the box recommends I guess.  I'm not sure if you can change out the chips,or load some other sort of OS on those things.

If you are talking about just a regular workstation/pc, etc.. then...

I'm not sure the official specs, but I'm using the client code on a win 95 workstation p-90 with 32 meg of ram and ethernet (10megBPS) and it screams.  So I would say at least that.  The install (client) code is around 2 meg, so if that is all you are going to do, then I would say that a 1 gig drive would suffice (code for win95/98/nt and the client code)
the server of course running on a Pentium III 500Mhz quad processor Netfinity 5500 with a gig of ram).


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LucretAuthor Commented:
Could I get more detail please isepic?  Ragarding client code, setup etc.
I need to know if you are using TRUE THIN CLIENT (those little black boxes) or a workstation/PC first please.
LucretAuthor Commented:
An ordinary pc / workstation
Okay, much simplier then :-)

The client code is located on the Windows 2000 Server CD Rom.

For step by step instructions on how to install the client code, try one of my favorite FAQ sites...


This will show you.  Hope this solves your question.
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