Undeletable files !

During a migration of files from a Netware server (using Backup Exec), a couple of files got created that we cannot now delete/rename/move/etc etc. They are called "LPT4" and "LPT9".

We have no idea how they appeared as we can't even delete them from the Netware server.

Can anybody suggest a program that might be able to remove these files ?
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The problem is they are named as a system device (the printer ports). You should try using wildcards. For example:
del lp*

If that doen't work try renaming them first, such as:
ren lp* aa*
then del aat4 and aat9
TaomynAuthor Commented:
Nice try but no joy, both methods return "LPT4, The system cannot find the file specified" - DOH !
If you can't delete with DEL LPT? then use the following:

DEL \\.\c:\directory\lpt4


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Run a chkdsk/f
Run a chkdsk/r
try again

TaomynAuthor Commented:
Excellent - I don't understand why it works, but I'm glad it does.

BTW JVSTEEN - CHKDSK didn't find any problems !
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