Exe inside res

Is it possible to put an .exe file inside an .res file, and run it from the .res file. If so...HOW????
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yes you can add any data to an executable's resource. Just add it as RC_DATA. For the second part: You can only run executables which are represented by a physical file. This means you need to store the exe from the resource to a file on the hard disk.

Ciao, Mike
Preferably in the Windows TEMP directory - then delete it after

Lischke : I think that it should be possible to load your
exe directly into the memory and run it from there.
I don't know how to do, but program like upx work like that
I think. No ?
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SmillyAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

Thanks for the response, but do you have some source? becouse how do I add the .exe file as RC_DATA, and how do I get it out from the .res file???

Here is the code:

(Assuming the RC.and RES files are built like this)

       Here is my RC file (files.rc):
       FILE1   DATA    "C:\source\test.exe"

       In your main form, include the following:
       {$R Files.res}

       Here is the code to extract it:

         rs: TResourceStream;
         rs := TResourceStream.Create(hInstance, PChar('File1'),
           WinExec('c:\temp\Test.exe', sw_show);    

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