CD burning on Linux

There is a Plasmon4240 burner lying around the office.  I'll be able to keep it if I'm able to get it working under Linux.
Can this burner be used on the parallel port? or do I need a Scsi card?
Has anyone come up with software which enables Linux to burn CD's via the parallel port? If yes, where can I get this software?
Speed is not an issue, which means if it'll only be a 1x burn on the parallel port, then thats fine.

Thanks for the help,
- Pogga.
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bronaughConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Info on this drive can be found here:

Basically, it states what the drive is: a scsi external CD recording drive. So yes, a scsi card is required.

It appears to have a 2x record speed.

cdrecord is the premiere Linux CD recording software. With some kernel changes, parallel port CD recording drives, IDE recording drives, and SCSI drives all are supported. See the CD-Writing howto for more info on exactly how to get IDE/Parallel port drives working.
check out CD-Writing-HOWTO

it do mention other Plasmon models but might be your is supported also.

In this document you will find how to setup things up also.

Good look
Try to find out what the parallel interface is.  I know Linux has support for drives like Shuttle Technologies' plugger and Microcode Solutions' Backpack.  
If we know what the interface is, we can give you more advice.
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