how create a password field

I just started with frontPage the first time. I managed to create a frame with a banner a contend and a main page.
I only want to allow a common user to surf certain pages of the contend. For the other pages I would like to restrict the access to user who get a password which I will send them via e-mail.
How do I have to create a password field on a page which appears when the visitor clicks a restricted link. Where do I have to assign my own created password lets say "passwordforvisitor"
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Best solution is to protect web pages and also directories using the webserver. How to do it depends on the webserver you are using.

Another posibility is to manage it for example via perl script and using a small database to organise login and pwd.

bye the way

type some more infos about your plans
themrocAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment!
I don't have any experience in perl script or VBscript or Java. I only use tools provided by FrontPage, isn't there an easy possibility to assign a text field to a by myself created password?
I am going to launch my web on a public server like yahoo or geocity I havn't desided yet. I only would like to restrict the acces to certain pages in the web.
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Why don;t you get your server provider to set permissions on the folder with all the files that you want restricted to.  The ISP would secure it with a userid and password and then you tell only the people you want to access the pages.
themrocAuthor Commented:
that means when I send my created web to ISPs like yahoo etc. for launching on the Internet, that I can determine subfolders which are unexcessable for common users?? And every time there is a link on such a page the browser would come up with a userid and password. That would really solve my problem. So in fact I dont have to put some extra effort in creating such a page because it will be done automaticaly by the ISP??!
I have got a suggestion:

Why don't you try this shareware in order to protect your site:

search for "site security"
and it should come up with some programs that you need.
e.g Applet Password Wizard 3.0

try this out


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I was going to suggest Applet Password Wizard 3.0, then saw that tine already did.  :)

If you want to see a working demo (actually, its not a demo, its working!) go to and click on "Familyweb" in the menu. I use it to give family members access.

You can use the applet to set up as many users as you like within one applet. Its really easy to use.

The applet is by Coffeecup, at
themrocAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer, I think that will solve my problem. Apparently there is no way to setup such a page for free via FrontPage.
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