Professional Perl Compiler, where to get it?

I am looking for a professional Perl compiler that transforms Perl scripts into executeable binary.

It should be a kind of push button realiable, not just experimental.

Has anybody seen, stuff like this?

Platform should be UNIX (Solaris 2.6)
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y2kwackoCommented: on the fly perl compiler for http daemon

you wont find one to create an exe binary, the whole perl concept is scripting.

What you may find is someone making a program to translate perl to some other language such as c or asm and compile an exe from that who knows

Good Luck,
Q_of_IDCAuthor Commented:
Thanx y2kwacko, thats what I have found too so fare..
Q_of_IDCAuthor Commented:
Thanx, that's what I have been looking for.

Your welcome :)
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