FYI... NT proxy server 1.0 & Linux

  You can use Linux with the proxy server 1.0...  All you have to do is set every protocol through the proxy IP address and port #80... Don't use the standard ports, they won't work...  
   Now if anyone has an IRC program that will allow me to tell it the port to use for Linux this would be greatly appreciated.
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i've used nt proxy 2, if proxy 1 is anything like it then it has a few different components: Web Proxy, Socks Proxy, Winsock Proxy
When you access port 80 for "every protocol" you're probably using the Web Proxy, which is usually configured for http, ftp, and https.
You'd want to ask your proxy's administrator if Socks proxy is available and then setup up linux to use that.  This proxy works for just about all internet clients and sees the proxy as if it were the server.  IRC DCC connections might not be supported but i think irc itself is.
NT PRoxy 1.0 provides no support at all for clients that utilize the SOCKS protocol.  This includes virtually all irc, mail, etc. clients.  Any app that supports the CERN protocol will work just fine with NT Proxy 1.0.
pete_perryAuthor Commented:
yeah, I realize what you guys are saying... I just posted this as the only thing I could do before trying this was surf the web and check e-mail... Now I just need to find a chat program that I can use.

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pete_perryAuthor Commented:
adam923 that should work just fine...
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