Calendaring and scheduling on the web

At present I have a database which is used for allocating speakers for a particular briefing. I am at present using the notesclient. Iam having a form where i select the topic and speaker.I have different topics for a day and differnt speakers. SO i fill for each topic who is going to be the speaker. I also check the availability of the speaker using @Command([FindFreeTimeDialog]. I want to implement this in the web. Any idea is appreciated.
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dalehendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You did not state what version of Notes Client.
In the Domino Designer Help db Table of Contents, see "Features to Avoid Using in Web" & "Programming a Website".
Since LotusScript is not available for browsers on the web, there is JavaScript.
RajenAuthor Commented:
Hi Dalehend,
Iam using 4.6.4. Can i get that domino designer help database.
Please mail me to

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