Xconfigurator lockup

   I am attempting to run Linux-Mandrake 6.1 and Windows 98 using LILO
booting. My booting into DOS is fine,
but recently I have ran into a difficult
snag with my Xwindows display.
When I boot into linux, the Xconfigurator immediately starts up before the Linux Prompt is even answered and begins to try to load a display on the screen. Basically, the screen turns on and off repeatedly, with no commands registering from me except CRTL-ALT-DELETE. I believe this is the result of me using Xconfiguator but not matching the correct monitor type with the one I have (DELL ULTRASCAN P780, unlisted in the Xconfigurator installation program). The machine locked up when I was trying to configure it with this graphics setting, and I believe something must have forced the system to automatic Xwindows lauching when I rebooted at this point.Additionally, I have tried to reboot the Linux system from my boot disk, but after starting to load, the screen prompts me for a type of root disk which I don't believe I have at this time. My goal is simply to get the Xconfigurator to stop working, and use an Xwindows laucher to properly load Xwindows. Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated.

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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is not uncommon withMandrake.  During installation, you answered yes to automatically starting windows at boot.  This is generally not a good idea until you are certain that everything is working.  Many new displays have a problem with the SVGA server.  Try reinstalling Mandrake and choosing VGA16 and answer no to starting Xwindows at boot.  this will give you the opportunity to run Xconfigurator with the
--expert commandline option.  choose the exact Xserver for your installtion.  Install the appropriate Xserver RPMS.
burritoboyAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 195
burritoboyAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I was hoping that it would be possible to just do away with the error without reinstalling everything, but I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet.
(I had someone else install it) Is there any danger of reinstalling this version on top of the old version? Also, where would I look to find the most appropriate Xconfigurator and RPMS Xserver for my computer?
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burritoboyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help... This is the
only question left...
Where would I look to find the most appropriate Xconfigurator and RPMS Xserver for my setup?
On disk 1 /mandrake/rpms.  look for files beginning with X.
burritoboyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for help.
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