Formatting 3rd party drive with Apple drivers

I have an external SCSI 1Gig hard drive I bought a few years ago that I would like to format using Apple's Drive Setup v 1.8.1 (ships with OS9). Regardless of what I do, I get the "cannot modify disk in an unsupported drive" message. I've formatted it with a few 3rd party programs, hoping Drive Setup would then let me format it with Apple's drivers. The reason for this is, I am considering installing Linux on the drive, and Drive Setup 1.8.1 allows the creation of Linux partitions. Even if I don't put Linux on it, I would still like to use Drive Setup on the drive. The drive is a Fujitsu M1606S-512 (according to TechTool Pro 2.5.2) external packaged as an Arriva drive.
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Apples Drive Setup will not let you format non-apple branded drives. Period. You can only format those drives with 3rd party utilities and no matter how many times you reformat with those 3rd party utils ADS will never let you format it.

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unless it is an ide (ata) drive. but, u were talkin scsi, so...never mind...
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