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I have just started MFC, I have created frame and virtual window, and assigned on_char fro keyboard input. HOw do I make the input longer in other words do I have to define a data structure. I am trying to do a editor. I would also like it to save. HOw is this done.
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akalmaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
HI !!!!!
   Do u want any more help regariding this ?
AnPatAuthor Commented:
I need help in this please, by the way how big is MFC, people around my place don't even know what it is. Any help to learn this programming would be appiciated
Hope this helps u ?

Create an application and derive the CView from CEditView or from CRichEditView all it will be done for u. This is using MFC classes.
If u want to write your own editor then u can do that as u said that is create a CString variable and go on appending it OnChar() and in the Draw() fucntion of CView u use a function DrawText() to draw the text each time.For storing u can have a Serialize() fucntion in CDocument which will Serialize the CString Variable and retireve it u if want it back.

U said u want help on MFC u go to msdn help and there u will get the MFC heirarchy chart that will give u a clear idea about MFC classes.
Check out codeguru.com to find some great example code for MFC programming.
What I think is akalmani's comment is the correct answer. I think you can award the points to him/her.
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