Windows NT & Linux networking trouble

I have a small in-home network.  I have 1 Winnt server PDC, 1 Nt workstation, & I am trying to bring up a linux box.  I am using tcp/ip.  I am unable to ping my linux box from either nt box and unable to ping either nt boxes from linux.  Please help.  I am setting up linux to be part of a NT domain.  the ip addresses are all set.  whats up???
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SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outside of having Linux be part of the NT domain, which escapes me, I've had no problems with similar situation EXCEPT:

What makes you think you have good connect from Linux to tcp/ip - its NIC?

That's the piece that breaks most frequently on me, is getting a good driver to run on a good NIC for Linux. Surf on that to validate.

When I did, it seemed that a major number of cards weren't up to spec as much as linux, but windoze would tolerate.  

In short, get a known good brand NIC in any box you want linux on. If your workstation talks to your server, then NT is irrelevant to any ping problem to/from linux. it's the chip on the nic
Oh I see... I am sorry ... I answered your previous post.

I would need more information to help on this issue. As an example do you have static IP #'s or is you IP # being assigned.
zzASLANzzAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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