Get LIL0 boot: loading linux.. uncompressing linux...

I have an IBM clone, Pentium 133MHz, AMI BIOS, that had Red Hat 5.2 installed on a 4.3 GB hard drive in which I did a Fdisk and repartition the drive.

I was able to reformat the drive and copy the system files over.  But when I reboot (without the startup disk)  the system comes up with LILO boot: Loading Linux..
uncompressing Linux...

How can I get rid of this?

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laeuchliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't want to get rid of that. It is linux booting. You can get rid of it by uninstalling lilo, but then you need a boot disk or loadlin.To get rid of this boot with a dos boot disk, and type fdisk /mbr This should do it.
You are trying to remove linux??  

If so, boot ms-dos to the newly created drive

C:> a:fdisk /mbr

That should remove the remaining components of lilo that are in the master boot record.  Setting the active partition while in (dos) fdisk has the same effect.

If you are installing linux laeuchi is right.. that is exactly what you want to see.

dee43Author Commented:

thanks!  It worked!
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